The Cottages

Each Green House Cottages of Carmel elder (resident) has a private bedroom and bathroom. Private suites open to a large great room with a fireplace, full kitchen, and dining room. The design, layout, and furnishings of the cottages encourage a lifestyle that is comfortable like home with the benefits of long-term care.

While the cottages are designed to look and feel like a real home we are still licensed as a skilled nursing facility. That means we are regulated and reimbursed just like any other nursing home. We proudly accept Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and other insurances.

Different by Design

Nursing home residents enjoy the following benefits and amenities:

Carmel Skilled Nursing Home for long-term care, dementia care, and rehab.
  • Private Rooms with Private Bathroom: Each guest has a private room and attached bathroom. If desired, elders may bring their own bed and furniture.
  • Hearth Room: Large and open with comfortable seating and a fireplace, the hearth room is a central gathering area for the cottage.
  • Outdoor Area: Outdoor living space provides the opportunity for fresh air with safe and convenient access.
  • Therapy/RehabA fully equipped in-house physical therapy center concentrates treatment exercises to one room and allows the rest of the cottage to remain a home.
  • Open Kitchen Concept: The large, open kitchen allows for all food to be prepared fresh and on site. Elders have the opportunity to cook alongside staff members and participate in meal preparation.
  • Dining Room: A dining table that seats more than 12 people lets elders share meals together and invite family and friends to join as well.
  • Library: A designated library provides a quiet space to relax and read.
  • Spa/Salon: The in-house spa/salon allows elders to easily access salon services without the need to leave the cottage.