Our Skilled Nursing Care

Green House Cottages of Carmel is Indiana’s first Green House Project location and offers a transformative approach to senior healthcare. The Green House philosophy of care creates the best possible quality of life for our elders and their families.

Elders, families, and staff work together to create a lifestyle that meets the specific needs of each individual. Unlike many long term care facilities, there is no predetermined routine; the goal is to facilitate elders’ independence and ability to pursue their interests no matter their physical capabilities.

Each adult home is staffed by a skilled care team of universal workers (highly qualified Certified Nursing Assistants), along with nursing staff (Registered Nurses). In addition, a comprehensive clinical team oversees and ensures high quality care for all residents. All team members are industry certified and receive over 150 hours of additional training focused on Green House principles of care and best practices.

The Green House Cottages of Carmel approach to care provides elders the freedom to live and thrive in a place that feels like home.


Full-time nursing care and assistance with daily activities for those living with a variety of health needs.


Full-time assistance with
daily activities and nursing care for those living with memory challenges and dementia.


Rehabilitation services with full-time assistance for daily activities to help those preparing to move back home.


Long-Term Care

Long-term care at Green House Cottages of Carmel is designed for those who cannot meet their medical and/or non-medical needs on their own but want to live a purposeful and meaningful life. We honor elders' daily choices while providing a safe and inviting environment to live. Our model of care and unique cottage design creates a culture that supports relationships and and a thriving lifestyle for elders.

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Memory Care

Memory care at Green House Cottages of Carmel takes a structured, person-centered, strength-based approach to care. Our compassionate staff members are dedicated to assisting in improving the lives of those living with dementia/Alzheimer’s. Our team serves elders and their family members to create a sense of normalcy in day-to-day life.

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Rehabilitation services at Green House Cottages of Carmel focus on regaining strength, balance, and activity level. The goal of rehabilitation is always to return an elder's function to previous abilities or better. Services include physical, occupation and speech/language therapy to promote independence with the goal of safely returning home.

Call 317.401.8888 to schedule a tour or visit our Contact page for more information.