Marilyn & Joan

As one of the first Green House Cottages of Carmel elders, Marilyn, and her daughter Joan sat down to talk about life as an elder, managing senior care, and why they chose Green House Cottages of Carmel.


What is your current care arrangement?

"We are running out of options. We want to make sure our mom is safe; so, with our current situation, it is going to have a shelf life pretty soon."

Why did you choose Green House Cottages of Carmel?

"I need a place for my mom that is not in an institution...but a home."
"I just want to be with people... As you know I need to talk."

How did you know it was time to move to Green House Cottages of Carmel?

"Mom could live on her own until she was no longer safe."

How has your relationship changed with your mother in recent years?

"She was there, a great sense of support. Now things have changed a little bit, where my mom need me more now and it's my turn to step up to the plate."

What excites your about Green House Cottages of Carmel?

"If my mom wants to help someone cook, or make brownies for my daughter who is going to come and visit her, Green House has that capacity."



Marilyn gives an honest perspective on life as an elder and talks about her plans at Green House Cottages of Carmel.


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