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The Premier Senior Living Facility In Carmel, IN.


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Green House Cottages of Carmel is Indiana’s first Green House Project location. Providing long-term care, memory care and rehabilitation services in a custom cottage that feels like home. Each cottage features private master suites, a large great room, and dining room. While Green House Cottages of Carmel is designed to look and feel like a real home we are still licensed as a nursing facility. That means we are regulated and reimbursed just like any other nursing home.  We proudly accept Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and other insurances.

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Our Care

Green House Cottages of Carmel is a medicare approved skilled nursing facility that specializes in three types of skilled nursing care. We are a long term care facility, memory care and dementia nursing home, and a rehab nursing home all on one campus.

Long Term Care

Full time nursing care and assistance with daily activities for those living with a variety of health needs.

Memory Care

Full time assistance with
daily activities and nursing care for those living with memory challenges and dementia.


Rehabilitation services with full time assistance for daily activities to help those preparing to move back home.


What is The Green House Project?

What is Green House Cottages of Carmel?

Green House Cottages of Carmel is Indiana's first Green House Project home. The Green House movement is transforming long-term care nationwide. A common-sense solution to senior care, The Green House Project combines caring, living, and thriving to create a real-home environment for elder residents. Backed by a team of highly skilled caregivers and health care providers, elders build strong relationships with their care team.

Each Green House cottage is home to no more than 12 elders with private rooms and baths. There is a real home-felt environment that features an open kitchen and readily available access to the outdoors.  There are flexible routines based on personal preference, diverse meal plans freshly cooked in each cottage, and a family-like setting for dining to promote a sense of community among elders. The atmosphere encourages personal growth and enables elders to continue to pursue their interests and passions and have social interaction with the staff and other residents. 

The Green House Project is working toward having homes like The Greenhouse Cottages of Carmel in every community, a place where elders can enjoy excellent quality of life and the quality care they need. The Green House Project attracts caregivers who truly care about the quality of life they are providing to residents.

Each cottage features private suites and a large family and dining room. Built and designed to be like a real home, Green House Cottages of Carmel is still a licensed nursing facility which means they provide long-term care, memory care, and rehabilitation services for their residents.

Those struggling to meet their own medical needs can live comfortable and meaningful lives as an elder at Green House Cottages of Carmel. The "home" environment of the cottages provides a safe, structured environment for those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. The memory care staff is dedicated to assisting and improving the lives of those living with dementia and other challenging memory loss. Green House Cottages of Carmel's rehabilitation services are designed to focus on regaining strength, balance and activity levels. Services include physical, occupational, speech and language therapy to promote independence with the goal of safely returning home.  

As a premier senior care facility in Carmel Indiana, Green House Cottages of Carmel takes a transformative approach to adult care. Elders, families and staff work together to meet the specific needs of each individual resident. Each home is staffed by a skilled care team of highly qualified Certified Nursing Assistants along with Registered Nurses. A clinical team oversees the nursing team to ensure quality care for all residents. All team members are certified and have had over 150 hours of training focused on The Green House principals of care and best practices. The teams in each cottage are partnered with social workers, therapists, physicians, activity coordinators and dietary professionals to provide the best care possible for the elders. While licensed as a nursing facility and providing the same medical care as a nursing facility, Green House Cottages of Carmel provides so much more. There are six cottages with 12 private bedrooms suites that include bathrooms and showers. Also, there is a family style hearth room in each cottage and a wide open kitchen and a dining area. The homes have high-vaulted ceiling, granite surfaces, windows that let in the natural light and comfortable furnishings. The six cottages are designed to look like the single-family homes in the surrounding neighborhood.

We believe Green House Cottages of Carmel provides unmatched senior care in Carmel Indiana. The cottages provide a real-home setting and community atmosphere for the residents. They’re also licensed as a nursing care facility and proudly accept Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and other insurances.

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